Goat Simulator: The Bundle for Xbox One

Goat Simulator: The Bundle for Xbox One
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Koch International
Coffee Stain Studios
Release Date
4 March 2016
For Ages
12+ PEGI
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Are any of you even remotely tired of of Boistrous Bovidae Bedlam? Good, neither are any of us.

Goat Simulator is a game with a reputation; known by many as a fun example of chaotic, irreverent fun in a sea of gritty grimchin nonsense, and to other as a mere "YouTube Game" with no intrinsic value of its own. We say a big ol' Bahhhhh Humbug to the latter crowd, because frankly, Goat Simulator's just fun, innit? You get to run around as a Goat and ruin everyone's day. That's tops. We'll happily take that over Gear of Duty or Calls of War, thank you very much.

If you've never experienced Goat Simulator yourself, then this is absolutely the quintessential means to do so; as the name implies, this bundle includes pretty much everything the aspiring Capra aegagrus hircus would want; it has the base game in all it's vaguely-Skateboard-game-y glory, the Massive Multiplayer Online RPG expansion riffing on games like World of Warcraft, the GoatZ expansion parodying zombie games, the ability to select bread as their avatar, and a whole heaping host of additional extras that were created for the base game prior to this edition's release. Needless to say, this disc is absolutely rammed with gut bustingly hilarious, quirky fun that will bring a smile to the face of anyone willing to give it even the slightest chance.

Sure, you could put your money towards more important ventures, like acquiring some bricks or a hula hoop. Maybe you could try saving up for a real life goat with a group of friends. But would any of those options be half as amusing as Goat Simulator?

Almost certainly not.

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