Double Dragon II: The Revenge for Commodore 64

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Virgin Mastertronic
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It’s been an indeterminate amount of time since Billy and Jimmy Lee saved their mutual love interest, Marian, from the clutches of the ruthless and sadistic Black Warriors Gang, subsequently laying said gang members out in the process. Though the pair thought their troubles were over, tragedy sees fit to strike again, only this time, with tremendous force; the leader of the Black Warriors, Machine Gun Willy, tracks Marian down once more, this time shooting her in cold blood and leaving her for dead on the street. With this act, the Black Warriors sign their own death warrant; this time, there’s no holding back for the Dragon Twins, as a thirst for vengeance stirs within them.

This translation of the arcade beat ‘em up classic is incredibly faithful to the original, featuring most of the levels, graphics and animation that are highly comparable and excellent in their own way, the original music by Dave Lowe stands up to the arcade versions soundtrack very well, and unusually for the time, gameplay features both music and sound effects playing simultaneously.

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