DOOM for PlayStation 4

Key Information
Bethesda Softworks
id Software
First Person Shooter
Release Date
13 May 2016
For Ages
18+ PEGI
  • English
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    Our Thoughts

    "The original Doom changed the face of gaming" is, though perhaps a tiny bit hyperbolic, not exactly a bold statement. It codified and revolutionised the first person genre for one thing, leading to it's pervasiveness as one of the most popular video game genres throughout the 90s and 2000s in the west, and it played a big part in creating both online multiplayer and modding communities as a concept. Following that up was a Herculean feet, and the sequels reflected this; Doom ii and Final Doom stuck very close to the groundwork laid by the original, and Doom 3's new direction alienated die hard fans. The series laid dormant for 12 years, although talk of a Doom 4/Doom reboot of some kind passed around the scene first in the form of gossip, then in the form of early teasers and concepts that left people unsure of the final result all the way 'til day of release.

    At which point everybody got their posteriors handed to them in a way that made them realise all the worrying and negativity was, perhaps, unwarranted.

    DOOM 2016 harkens back to the feel of First Person Shooters of yore in a big way, primarily with fast and fluid game play heavily reminiscent of the early Doom, Quake, or Duke Nukem titles. The sense of humour is back, too, with subtle, gesture-driven characterisation inferring that our nameless (and voiceless) Space Marine could not give one solitary damn about the complex web of hellish conspiracies surrounding him (that are available for the player to dive into if they wish, or discard if they'd rather not). Make no mistake, though, this is a thoroughly modern game, as the incredible graphics, freakish monster designs, and stylish Dubstep-meets-Djent soundtrack will tell you. The resulting experience could be considered a retro throwback, but DOOM 2016 is more then "simply" that; it is a marriage of old school sensibilities and design marrying modern sensibilities and design in a way that feels congruent, resulting in a game that's not only fun, but arguably timeless. It is more then worthy of carrying the series' name, and it absolutely deserves a place on your game shelf.

    Also, let's not kid ourselves; the Glory Kills are just really flipping cool.

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