Dick Tracy for Master System

Dick Tracy for Master System
Dick Tracy for Master SystemDick Tracy for Master SystemDick Tracy for Master SystemDick Tracy for Master SystemDick Tracy for Master System
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Dick Tracy was released on all Sega platforms in 1990 - in conjunction with the feature film of the same name starring Warren Beatty, Madonna and Al Pacino. This side scrolling arcade style game sees you play and fight as the hard as nails detective Dick Tracy.

The mob is on the warpath and has the city by the neck, it's up to the all action Dick Tracy to take to the streets and rid the city of Big Boy Caprice and his street tough gang. As Dick Tracy you can walk, jump, fire hand guns and tommy guns as well as duck and unleash your bare hands on the enemy with excellent hand to hand combat. There are several levels to battle through, each has a series of mini missions to complete along the way, and you face known Capos Pruneface, Lips Manlis, The Brow and Flattop before a final showdown with Big Boy himself.

You'll be firing on all cylinders in many locations including the ritz, warehouses, alleyways and rail road tracks, hanging onto speeding cars as well as being involved in an epic car chase. Dick Tracy really is the ultimate action game and will have you gripped as the body count piles up, the action heats up and the desire to nail Big Boy pumps up.


Driving is Painful

Well, I got to be honest and say whilst this game is great police-style fun the driving sections are almost unplayable. The Angry Video Game Nerd did a review on Dick Tracy a few years back and he pointed this out, so I decided to buy a copy for myself to try out. If it was not for the driving this would be on my top 10 Master System games list, but unfortunately the car stuff lets it down... Those snipers are insufferable.
by Nolan 1st November 2012
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