Devil May Cry (Platinum) for PlayStation 2

Devil May Cry (Platinum) for PlayStation 2
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8 November 2002
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    In times long since past, the legions of hell- bolstered by a particularly cruel and obscenely powerful leader by the name of Mundus reigned over damn near all of existence with an iron fist, oppressive to races they viewed as beneath them and more then capable of taking down anyone- or anything- that tried to oppose them. They hadn't counted on one of their own going turncoat on them, however- something that backfired spectacularly when the demon Sparda woke up to justice, and set about systematically slaughtering most of his kind and sealing what remained back in hell, before ruling over the new world with grace and kindness until his dying day. Many moons have passed since then- long enough that it has faded into legend and myth- and Mundus, tired of laying in wait in some godforsaken sulphur pit, has amassed and expanded an army of willing followers that is preparing for his resurrection. Unfortunately for him, news of this reaches ears of the paranormal investigator and devil hunter Dante- one of two sons sired by Sparda during his time on earth. It is now up to Dante to live up to his birthright, and deal with this blight before it spirals out of control.

    Fast, frenetic, and above all else stylish action abounds in this absolutely fantastic hack and slash brawler, which remains a wonderful re-imagining of the Beat 'em Up genre in the then-modern age, and is still an engaging and enjoyable challenge to play through.

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