Deus Ex: Human Revolution [Limited Edition] for Xbox 360

Deus Ex: Human Revolution [Limited Edition] for Xbox 360
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Square Enix
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26 August 2011
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The killing of the scientists at one of USA’s most innovative biotech companies by a black ops team has complicated the task of player Adam Jensen the ex SWAT specialist and protector of secrets. He adds mechanical parts to his wounded body you must search for the truth.

There is a unique combination of close combat and high octane shooting. There are also additions to characters and weapon power ups to choose from. When you use various game playing styles like stealth, hacking or combat you receive unlockables. You game approach will shape the evolution of your character. So, whether you pummel bullets to defeat your enemies, use stealth to pull a fast one on them, break into systems to gather vital data, or employ your social skills to talk to other characters to bring out information.

These also mean not only different choices, but varied approaches to the game, multiple paths taken and myriad tools for use. This simply means you decide how the story unravels itself. So what are you waiting for? You make the decisions, you choose the options and see how the story unfolds accordingly. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a truly great instalment in the series, and I quite honestly cannot fault it. Is this my first ever five-star review? Yes, it is!

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