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Desert Strike for Master System
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1992's Gulf War inspired Desert Strike was at the time EA's highest selling game ever. It was a hugely popular shoot-em-up game that had revolutionary three dimensional graphics as it sees the gamer pilot an apache lone helicopter. The helicopter was made to look and move as realistic as possible for the time.

Destroy weapons, nuclear threats, save hostages and capture enemies as you battle through 27 action packed and yet very strategic missions. A fictional Gulf state has been overrun by an evil dictator called Kilbaba and is waging war on the United States, you and your chopper have been assigned the job of infiltrating and causing mass destruction (excuse the pun) to Kilbaba and his army.

The view is from outside of the helicopter as opposed to from inside the cockpit, which I think is a better perspective allowing you to see much more of your surroundings. Your chopper is armed with machine guns, considerably more forceful hydra rockets and deadliest of all hellfire missiles, the heavier the hardware the fewer ammo you have.

Players must choose their weapon of choice based on the situation at the time. Machine guns will do nicely against soldiers on ground level but you'll have to pull out the heavy artillery when facing a heavy duty tank.

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