Def Jam: Fight for NY for Xbox

Def Jam: Fight for NY for Xbox
Def Jam: Fight for NY for XboxDef Jam: Fight for NY for XboxDef Jam: Fight for NY for XboxDef Jam: Fight for NY for Xbox
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Electronic Arts
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1 October 2004
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Def Jam: Fight for NY is the direct follow up to 2003's hugely successful Def Jam Vendetta. Fundamentally a combat game with a hip-hop twist, Fight for NY sees you battle it out with some of hip-hops biggest names including Sean Paul, Snoop Dogg, Lil Kim, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and P Diddy.

Rather than the usual hip-hop style of battling it out with a microphone, you're using your fists, take downs, smashing heads into walls and kicking ass in an attempt to take over New York's hip-hop underworld. Fighters can choose up to three of five fighting styles, which are kickboxing, street fighting, submissions, wrestling and martial arts. The crowd can help you out too if you get someone up against the ropes, the crowd can hold someone in place whilst you inflict maximum pain.

You can gain momentum in the game by performing skill moves, counter-attacking and by taunting your opponent with "smack talk". Fight for NY's momentum is affected by how your "charisma" levels are, charisma can be gained by the clothes you wear along with the standard "bling" and some badass tattoos. This game is great fun, accompanied by a great soundtrack and truly kick-ass fighting.

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