Crash Twinsanity for Xbox

Crash Twinsanity for Xbox
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VU Games
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8 October 2004
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The fifth game in the Crash bandicoot series, this is video game of the open world platform genre. In this game, the hero Crash and the villain Dr. Neo Cortex join forces to defeat the plan of the Evil Twins – a pair of mutant parrots who are working towards the destruction of Wumpa Islands. The game progresses as you move through levels where you can gather gems by which you gain unlockables like concept art. In most levels, Crash can employ Cortex as a tool be it a hammer or a HumiliSkate. At times the duo must together be guided in such a way that they avoid hurdles and reach the goal. Cortex can also play singly with a raygun as his weapon. Nina Cortex – the villain’s niece is playable too. She can scale walls and make use of her mechanical arms. There is also mecha bandicoot the hero turned robot that can launch rockets. The colour shading of the fur, lighting effects, shadows, and smooth movement due to a fair rate of frames per second, are all enhanced by the Xbox console. Don’t miss the maddest Bandicoot adventure till date.

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