Crash Tag Team Racing for Sony PSP

Crash Tag Team Racing for Sony PSP
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Vivendi Universal Games
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25 November 2005
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This game is a sequel to the Crash Twinsanity where Crash Bandicoot had vanquished Cortex. Baying for blood Cortex hatches a deadly plot in his worn down Iceberg Lair. Reading a news item in the papers about the racing arena of Ebeneezer Von Clutch being shut down, he schemes to draw Crash into a fake competition. His aim is to finish off Crash Bandicoot by crushing him below the dilapidated racetrack. Does he succeed in his lethal plan? Find out by playing Crash Tag Team Racing. The players aim to get back the Black Power Gem and other Power crystals that can open each of the five themed park areas. From minigames players can gain Wumpa coins. Players clash against competitor’s vehicle to transform it into a turret gun carrier. During the clash, the player chooses to remain the driver or become the gunner who can arm and fire the weapon now fitted in the vehicle. The turrets can rotate all round and every character has a special turret. You can also move through the game world on foot to amass upgrades that can help enhance your car’s abilities or even unlock tracks that see action all over again.

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