Crash Nitro Kart for GameCube

Crash Nitro Kart for GameCube
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VU Games
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28 November 2003
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Join Crash as he go karting on yet another adventure. He has been abducted by the cruel Emperor Velo and being made to go racing in the galactic coliseum. He has to win the race to protect Earth from catastrophe. His competitors would be enemies from the past and present including the ultimate duel with the boss himself. Tear through a quartet of worlds, namely, dense forests, active volcanoes, cities of the future and space stations that contain 17 fast action tracks. You can play as any character be it Crash, Coco – his sister, Crunch, Tiny or unlockables like Zem, Polar, Dingodile, or the boss Emperor Velo himself. The opposing team has Cortex (Duh), Tiny, and Dr. Engine. The modes available for individual playing style include adventure, arcade and time trial. A maximum of eight players can try to outsmart each other employing many systems in the multiplayer mode. The karts can change to be armed with mines, missiles and tornado attacks. The battle environments can be designed to your choice with the help of the Arena Editor. The players are offered the freedom to hunt down opponents in open environments that provide greater manoeuvrability and flexibility.

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