Conker: Live & Reloaded for Xbox

Conker: Live & Reloaded for Xbox
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Microsoft Game Studios
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24 June 2005
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Here is Conker the squirrel in an all-new-avatar. Instead of being the lovable cartoon character here he is bad bragging boozer. The star attraction is the multiplayer mode that has undergone vast modifications. The "Blitzkrieg" mode harks back to World War II style and exhibits great detail. Some multiplayer modes have been taken from the original game. This game is of the third person perspective genre. Multiplayer mode can be played by a maximum of sixteen players in two teams. There are many character classes each possessing a different set of equipments, skills, physical abilities, all made for a particular purpose and a whole range of vehicles to choose from. The classes can perform well against specific classes and are weak against others. The primary weapon for every class has perennial ammunition. There are also computers that serve as terminals for specialist ordinance and vehicles. Items are offered to players at these terminals. But they will disappear if the player dies. The game has easy controls and combat. Capture the Flag and Deathmatch are also available as multiplayer modes. So, want to play one of the 10 best action platformers of its day?

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