Command & Conquer for Nintendo 64

Command & Conquer for Nintendo 64
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28 June 1999
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Do you want to be good or bad? Enrol in the Global Defense Initiative if you are a freedom loving person or form part of the Brotherhood of Nod to assist evil rule the world. This game of real time strategy genre originally designed for PC has now been tailor made for the Nintendo 64 console. This is complete with exclusive 3-D graphics and unprecedented missions.

The three dimensional world made by Westwood studios, consists of brand new units, building structures as well as terrain. Like a typical battle you must first build bases, be at the helm of large armies and create novel technologies to take up the war for gaining control over planet Earth. Both good and evil camps possess unique characteristics and employ special styles of gameplay. They have their own buildings, units, and war tactics. The GDI is adept at barrack building for infantry troops.

The Brotherhood of Nod on the other hand has an elite shock troop under its tutelage. The main aim of both sides is to secure the power providing mineral tiberium, that keeps their forces in the running. Different missions include an all-out assault, or meticulous planning and strategies of unitary units.

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