Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars for Windows PC

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars for Windows PC
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Electronic Arts
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30 March 2007
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The Command & Conquer pedigree has been well established across a number of games and sub-series’ already, and the third and final part of the Tiberium Trilogy wastes no time in upholding that legacy; for the first time in the series, a third faction joins the battle between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood Of Nod, which in turn with the desperate backdrop of a Tiberium ravaged earth standing at the precipice of Armageddon and fraught with civil unrest, only serves to up the ante considerably. AI players have sufficient pathfinding AI to make combat significantly easier, computer controlled opponents adjust their strategy and playstyle in accordance with your own, intelligence for separate units has been enhanced to allow for a greater sense of awareness, and overall, the gameplay is highly responsive, smooth, and easy to get to grips with very quickly. 30 missions in an open world environment await you in single player, online mode is as intense as you’d expect (and features a Spectator Mode), and every scene and battle is backed by some truly stunning visuals, from the dust kicked up by roving tanks, or the yawning craters left in the wake of an explosion.

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