Colin McRae Rally [Sold Out] for Windows PC

Colin McRae Rally [Sold Out] for Windows PC
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Sold Out Software
TPR 0020
Release Date
25 May 2001
For Ages
  • English
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    Racing games that seek to better emulate a realistic driving experience are much more common nowadays then they were in the past, and one of the games that can be thanked for further popularising the concept is Collin McRae Rally. Released in 1998- and directly based on the World Rally Championship of the same year- the gameplay directly seeks to emulate realistic Rally racing as closely as the technology of the time would allow, meaning less arcade-y controls, a lack of in game music, and ties to the real world WRC. These ties include things like 8 selectable cars featured in the WRC (such as the SEAT Ibiza F2 Kit Car and the Subaru Impreza WRC), as well as Rallies taken from the real life event like New Zealand, Croatia, and the United Kingdom- an unofficial rally in the form of Indonesia is also featured. Though the locations are real, the actual tracks are fictionalised. The game also features three difficulty modes; Novice, Intermediate, and Expert. Beating the Expert mode unlocks an additional four cars for the player to use, such as the Lancia Delta Integrale, and the Audi Quattro S1. Although the game doesn’t feature online multiplayer, it does support LAN based multiplayer, wherein up to 8 players can compete against each other on the same network.

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