Celebrity Deathmatch for PlayStation

Celebrity Deathmatch for PlayStation
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Take 2
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31 October 2003
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Have you ever imagined what it’d be like if 90210‘s Shannon Doherty smacked the ever loving crud out of Marilyn Manson? Or how cool it’d be to see Tommy Lee and Busta Rhymes go toe-to-toe in a battle for glory? Maybe your greatest desire is to see Jerry Springer and Justin Timberlake trade blows? If so, you have a very weirdly specific interest, but thankfully, there exists something which fills your specialised niche; Celebrity Deathmatch. Based on the Claymation TV show of the same name, Celebrity Deathmatch gives you a roster of then-current Celebrities and TV/Movie personalities much beloved by the world, and lets you pit them against each other in visceral one-on-one fights to the death, and not solely with fists or feet; if you’re feeling adventurous (or just especially violent), you can also make use of a celeb’s special kill sets and clobber foes with chicken drumsticks, or turn their insides into a makeshift electric guitar. And for the creative types among you, theres a Create-A-Celebrity Mode that allows you to design your own fallen-from-fame personality to step into the ring with. Add in commentary provided by Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez and Mills Lane as the referee, and you’ve got a package that feels just like the TV show.

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