Carrier Command: Gaea Mission for Windows PC

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission for Windows PC
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28 September 2012
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The classic gameplay of the Carrier Command series has been reinterpreted to suit the next generation, putting you in, naturally, the commanding position of a futuristic aircraft carrier, tasked with exploring the nooks and crannies of the planetoid Taurus, with a not inconsiderate amount of firepower backing you- a good thing, as in the process of exploring the 30 islands nestled within the 6 climatic zones of the small planetoid, you are bound to lock horns with the forces of the tyrannical Asian Pacific Alliances. As the Commander, you are in control of the battle computer, allowing you to Command units, upgrade your weapons and vehicles, gear your units out as you see fit, and effectively strategize and prepare for your inevitable battles, for whilst your airship may be large and heavily staffed/armed, any good Commander worth their salt knows that in the throes of a desperate battle, you trust your own strategy and instincts first and foremost, and against an enemy as all encompassing and ferocious as the APA, your wits are the best weapon you have. Carrier Command: Gaea Universe is a must buy for anyone looking for a sci fi strategy epic.

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