Bus & Cable Car Simulator - San Francisco for Windows PC

Bus & Cable Car Simulator - San Francisco for Windows PC
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Excalibur Video games publishing
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9 September 2011
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The city of San Francisco is one of the most scenic cities on the planet, and now, thanks to our friends at Astragon and TML Studios, you can experience a virtual recreation of the steep-hill laden sunny paradise from behind the steering wheel/controls of either a Bus, or one of the famous Cable Cars. As the individual that gets these things where they need to go, you are tasked with the all important job of getting both locals and many, many tourists around the city efficiently and, most importantly, safely. With a selection of 16 vehicles, each with slightly or vastly different methods of control, and with set paths that you must adhere to, the challenge is as varied as you could hope for, with an additional challenge stemming from the maintenance of your vehicle inbetween your daily grind navigating the sprawling urban setting, trying not to hit Jaywalkers, and avoiding drivers that are, shall we say, less motivated to careful then you are. Scoring high is based on being careful and sticking to the rules as closely as possible- there’s no rewards for reckless driving here. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Bus Driver and/or Cable Car controller, then this game will give you the chance to prove it.

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