Brink for Xbox 360

Brink for Xbox 360
Brink for Xbox 360Brink for Xbox 360Brink for Xbox 360Brink for Xbox 360
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Key Information
Bethesda Softworks
Splash Damage
First Person Shooter
Release Date
13 May 2011
For Ages
16+ PEGI
  • English
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    Our Thoughts

    Once a globally recognised safe haven for all things green, thanks to global warming and rising sea levels The Ark is now the only habitable land for the world’s population. Overcrowding and crime are a daily problem, with once-sustainable resources pushed to their absolute limits. Many live in shipping containers and other unsuitable dwellings, with poverty quickly becoming a fact of life.

    Brink offers players the choice between good and evil. Whether you choose to join the Security of Resistance faction, you will enjoy the opportunity to fire an epic arsenal of futuristic weapons and utilise awe-inspiring parkour moves that even the most impressive free-runner can only dream of.

    Single or multi-player, the choice is yours; fight to the death with up to 16 online friends and foes, or play with up to 8 in co-op mode. Game-play is blended in to make for one seamless adventure and allow for further character development across the board of play. What's not to like!

    You have total control in Brink, taking on any role you choose in the fight to save the Ark and its entire population. There are beautifully glorious battlefields and even more beautifully glorified action to keep you on the edge of your seat with this one. In depth customisation options allow to take complete control, and save mankind in only one way... Yours!

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