Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition for Windows PC

Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition for Windows PC
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2K Games
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15 October 2010
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18+ BBFC
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    Borderlands rocked onto the scene with an idea that many of it’s contemporaries in the FPS field seem to have forgotten; an emphasis on style and fun over realism and dramatic grit. Pick between four classes of play, set your own levelling pace, and go as barmy as you so choose in a vast, open world, packed with items, weapons, and an unforgettable cast of absolute lunatics.

    As previously mentioned, the game prioritizes fun and camp over a dramatic tone, so even though the massive number of gunfights include a wealth of violence and all the spillage that comes with it, the slight cartoon bent to the visuals and tongue-wedged-firmly-in-cheek tone of the whole experience keeps things as close to light hearted as Borderlands can manage, and the Second Wind gameplay elements keeps you in the game and gives you a chance to make it back to the top, even if your back is against the wall, or your shields and health as empty.

    Borderlands is also very flexible in regards to how you wish to play it, favouring both gun toting nutbars that blow away everything or sneaky, stealth obsessed types. Add in that the game has a fantastic relationship with random elements that make the experience different every time you play it, and you’ve got a winner on your hands.

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