Assassin's Creed Unite

In this age of viral marketing, it seems we're always having to work to unlock something new. This time it is the trailer for Asssassin's Creed III that has fans scrambling to spread the word and see some action.

Ubisoft are asking that those who want to see an extended trailer for the new game head over to a specially built website titled, in a show of dashing originality, "unite". This is nothing to do with any Avengers, however; once the goal is reached, we will be able to see some actual gameplay footage, showing a new assassin in action (his name, apparently, is Connor). A red bar heading towards a lock shows us the current progress - it is already getting towards the halfway mark - and in order to make that bar progress, we can choose to either send a tweet, write a post on Facebook, or send a Facebook message in order to get the word out there. Clearly this kind of marketing stunt is a lot cheaper than taking out advertisements on every conceivable site, newspaper, magazine, and so on and so forth, but are we beginning to see a few too many of these types of tricks?

Set in eighteenth century America, the game follows Connor as he "struggles to find his place in a world that views him as an outsider", according to the official game write-up. The American colonies are on the brink of revolution as the game begins, and it promises to allow you to meet legendary figures from the Revolution itself as you go about your assassinating ways. There are plenty of screenshots and one teaser trailer already available, and you can pre-order four different versions of the game through the official website. It is of course going to be playable on PC, Xbox and PS3 consoles, and the release date is the 31st October.

Published 8th May 2012 by Rhiannon D'Averc

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