Electronic Arts to Acquire PopCap Games

In a recent announcement the California USA Gaming software giant Electronic Arts Inc. said that it would acquire PopCap Games, the Seattle based online game developer for mobile phones, tables, PCs and social network sites. The deal that will be signed is said to be worth as much as $750 million dollars. The Electronic Arts (EA) CEO John Riccitiello was said that the coming together of EA and PopCap would certainly be a fruitful one because the two companies made a great combination.

PopCap is known for its impeccable studio talents and effective IP and therefore their expertise would help a great deal in increasing EA’s momentum towards becoming a $1 billion digital business. The Electronic Arts empire has been recently been moving into many different areas of the gaming industry, including the licensing of their IP to online casino software firms. EA plans to use its global studio and publishing network to help PopCap expand their business to more digital devices and spread their services across more countries as well.

EA will reportedly pay around $650 million in cash and $100 million in shares of EA common stock which will be issued to certain stock holders of PopCap.

Published 16th August 2011 by Rhiannon D'Averc

Rhiannon is a professional writer specialising in a wide range of topics, in particular the world of entertainment. She is also a keen photographer, embroiderer, and all-around creative.