Kingdom Hearts Voices Return

We previously brought you the news about the next Kingdom Hearts instalment, Kingdom Hearts: 3D Dream Drop Distance, so you already know that it will be released on the 20th of July. We can now reveal who the voice actors are that will be narrating your path through the 3DS game, and previous players will be happy to recognise the names on the list.

Leonard Nimoy returns to the series as Master Xehanort, his second appearance as a voice talent for the games. He will be cooking up more dastardly deeds that you will attempt to foil as Sora, played once more by Hayley Joel Osment - a mammoth eighth time that we will be hearing our cutscenes in those familiar tones. Another eight-timer is David Gallagher, the voice of Riku, who recently starred in Super-8. Quinton Flynn returns, playing both Axel and Lea, for his sixth time in Kingdom Hearts. Also clocking in at six titles is the voice of Ansem and sometime Xehanort, Richard Epcar, followed closely by five-time Xigbar man James Patrick Stuart and four-time Xemnas voicer Paul St Peter. Another fourth comes in the form of Hollywood great Christopher Lee, taking the lion's share of credit for Ansem the Wise. Other notable names are one-time pop sensation Jesse McCartney, reprising his role as Roxas for a sixth time, and Heroes cheerleader Hayden Panettiere who takes her fifth turn as Xion. A newcomer to the series is Demi Moore, taking the part of Esmerelda this time out, who has not featured as a character in Kingdom Hearts before.

We have also been seeing a lot of new trailers and leaks about the game over the past couple of weeks, as anticipation builds towards its release. Will you be getting your hands on a copy come July? It is going to be interesting to find out whether it can withstand the hype of 3D to give us another memorable KH game.

Published 2nd June 2012 by Rhiannon D'Averc

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