Halo 2 Stats Reset

And now for some incredible sad news. A new Bungie update has come out, a mere week after the new maps being released, and though it has been a little over a year now since the last reset we are now due for another. Any day now the worldwide Halo 2 stats will be reset, meaning that my hard-earned level 29 will go right back down to one. The positive side of this is that players now have the opportunity to make a brand new fresh start. Who wouldn't want a second chance to kick some major ass?

In other news, following this dreaded reset another update will be coming our way which promises to rid the game of cheaters, modders, and hackers. I for one am very pleased about this development. So it would seem that a week after the new maps are released they will be placed into the matchmaking playlist. This means that until my spring break (when I will finally get the change to play the new maps) I shall be waiting patiently.

For more information be sure to check out the official Bungie website to see the finer details.

Published 8th April 2007 by Daniel Crocker

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