Guitar Hero 2 Coming To Xbox 360

Today I would like to direct your attention towards Guitar Hero 2. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years, chances are you'll know that Guitar Hero is the biggest thing in gaming right now. For those few who don't know (and seriously, what are you doing reading this article?), it is a rhythm game in which you play the guitar by pressing down on the frets and playing the song according to different coloured circles as displayed on screen. In concept Guitar Hero is very similar to Dance Dance Revolution (another insanely popular rhythm game) but rather than using a dance pad to follow the arrows coming down on screen, you use a plastic guitar. It really is good honest fun.

So Guitar Hero 2 is coming to a console near you soon... Again. Yes, we realise it was released on Sony's PlayStation 2 a long time ago now, but the creators are now moving the franchise over to the all-new Xbox 360. This new version will no doubt benefit from a visual overhaul, and is set to feature 10 additional songs, which is certainly a welcome addition.

  • Billion Dollar Babies (as made famous by Alice Cooper)
  • Hush (as made famous by Deep Purple)
  • Dead! (by My Chemical Romance) - Master Track
  • Life Wasted (as made famous by Pearl Jam)
  • Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo (as made famous by Rick Derringer)
  • The Trooper (as made famous by Iron Maiden)
  • Salvation (as made famous by Rancid)
  • Possum Kingdom (by Toadies) - Master Track
  • Drink Up (by Ounce of Self) - 1st Unlock
  • Kicked to the Curb (by Noble Rot) - 2nd Unlock

Along with these new songs will be a plethora of downloadable content. Who knows, maybe your favourite song will one day make it into the game? Guitar Hero 2 for Xbox 360 is due to release April 4th.

Published 27th March 2007 by Daniel Crocker

Daniel is the founder and head of development for the VGDb website, mobile applications, and associated social media profiles. If you notice something wrong then he's your man!