Worms Coming To Xbox 360

On March 7th this year a new game was released on the Xbox 360 market place that made history. Worms is a balanced turn based strategy game in which teams of worms (4 worms this time around guys sorry, the Xbox can’t have 8 like the PC versions) battle across landscapes with an assortment of weapons such as the basic bazooka, grenade, or possibly a banana bomb, or a sheep. It follows the very simple last man standing rules, except that you have of course 4 worms to work with. This gives you some flexibility whilst retaining the much beloved strategy element. As with all Worms games you can customise your team with voice, names and tombstones.

Most if not all the game play mechanics have been kept from the PC games, with the exception that (and I'm sad to say) they took out the holy hand grenade and the super sheep. Beyond minor weapon differences however everything else has been kept much the same, and it's just a matter of learning the new controls. With Xbox Live you now have voice chat meaning you'll be doing a healthy amount of yelling as you (hopefully) wipe out your opponents with ease. Failing that, maybe crying because you're one of the unlucky worms who have been blow into the water.

So the real question; is this worth a purchase for you Xbox 360 owners? I will personally be making a purchase, but as always try out the demo and see what you think. Make sure you have some friends who are getting it as well, because multi-player is where this game truly shines.

Published 8th March 2007 by Daniel Crocker

Daniel is the founder and head of development for the VGDb website, mobile applications, and associated social media profiles. If you notice something wrong then he's your man!