Bleach: Soul Resurreccion for PlayStation 3

Bleach: Soul Resurreccion for PlayStation 3
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NIS America
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20 April 2012
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Transform into a one-man army that routs menacing monsters and defeats evil spirits. It is once again the battle to the finish between the good represented by the Soul Reapers and the evil as depicted by the Arrancars including the boss Aizen and his stooges called Hollows that could very well destroy the earth.

Super quick swashbuckling action helps you to energize the different characters that are playable and the anime style and the exquisite cel-shaded characters in 3 dimensions do justice to the BLEACH games. There are individual game-play modes like Story and Mission. In the story mode, the given character alone can be used for a specific stage interspersed with scenes that move the plot along. There are also normal and hard levels of difficulty for these stages. The more interesting format is the mission mode where several unlocked characters can be used to pursue the game.

Using both melee attacks and ranged ones you can gain over enemies. This helps you later assume more power that would be extremely helpful in vanquishing the bosses. With unique Soul points received when defeating opponents strengthen your characters, augmenting their defensive powers, preserve their health and protect them from damage.

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