Black & White [Sold Out] for Windows PC

Black & White [Sold Out] for Windows PC
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Sold Out Software
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29 October 2004
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The premise of Black & White is simple; you take on the role of a God, born of the prayers of a desperate family trying to save their drowning son. After saving said drowning son, you follow the family back to their village, whereupon you create a Creature, a beast that works as your vessel on Earth. From there, your path can go in many directions; do you act as a just and kind God, providing for the desperate and the needy, bringing the world into a new golden age of peace and harmony as your devoted followers happily spread the good word? Or, do you choose to play out your role as a tyrannical, power hungry and vengeful God, enacting your wrath upon anyone and everyone (up to and including your very own Creature), committing tragedies in place of miracles, laughing as a terrified populace worship you out of fear and reverence instead of loyalty? You can also choose to further progress the story and narrative found within the game by seeking out specific goals and tasks, the reward for which comes in the form of Silver Reward Scrolls and Gold Story Scrolls, that tell the tale of an all powerful and glory hungry god named Nemesis...

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