Astérix at the Olympic Games for Wii

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29 February 2008
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There’s a momentous event taking place in the wide, wonderful world of Gaul; the Olympics. Already reason for excitement enough no doubt, this years’ events promise to be more exciting, as local heroes and all around golden boys Asterix and Obelix are slated to take part- and they’re in it to win it. Their friend Alafolix’s luck with the apple of his eye, Princess Irina, is kind of counting on it. As with most things in life, the road to victory isn’t going to be an easy one; the pair are up against some of the best athletic talent Rome has to offer, and they’ve got their eyes on the gold as well. To top that off, Brutus and his team have another goal on top of glory; overthrowing his father, Julius Caesar.

Players will be put through a variety of Olympic events, such as the Javelin, Hammer Throw, Long Jump and Track events, with further progression throughout the Olympic City your reward for successfully completing each, as either Asterix or Obelix. Some less then typical events, however, include musical combat against the Roman athletes, or doing battle by harnessing the rays of the sun with mirrors. Dogmatix, your loyal puppy companion, pops up from the sidelines occasionally to help you uncover important items. And, as in any good sports game, the whole package really comes alive in multi player; not much more in live is as fun as grabbing Romans by the ankles and flinging them into one another, except doing it with a friend by your side.

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