APB Reloaded - The Boxed Special Edition for Windows PC

APB Reloaded - The Boxed Special Edition for Windows PC
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Iceberg Interactive
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10 February 2012
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San Paro; a city fraught with danger and strife, and the setting for an ongoing struggle between justice and crime. Whereas most games of this ilk would go ahead and lump you straight into the role of the hero and have you off wiping the floor with Mr. Big or what have you, APB Reloaded gives you a choice; be the grizzled cop trying to make his city peaceful once again, or play an up-and-coming kingpin looking to make their mark in the criminal underworld, with complete freedom in regards to customizing your character whichever role you choose, and a plethora of arms available with which to wreck utter havoc. If you’re on the side of lady justice, your prestige rating rises with each successful crime prevention, and if you’d rather raise hell, your notoriety skyrockets with each successful bad dad. Be it the financial district, the waterfront, or the asylum, the ongoing battle between the two forces promises to be bloody, and it promises to be very exciting~

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