Air Conflicts: Secret Wars for Windows PC

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars for Windows PC
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8 July 2011
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In the role of Dee Dee, a smuggler running covert missions for the Allied Powers, you must take on 49 breathtaking mission that run the gamut from clearing air space for other aircraft, bombarding ground based targets, taking down radar towers, guiding convoys, leading assassination attempts, and of course, engaging in fierce dogfights against enemy aircraft. You have a selection of co-pilots, each boasting their own special skills, to help see you through your deadly missions. Single player mode is a blast all on its own, but local network and online multiplayer supports up to eight individual players, allowing for some truly manic, frantic dogfighting action. For the creatively inclined, there’s an additional mode that allows you to script your own dogfights, setting the number of enemies you wish to fight and the duration of the mission. And, as an additional touch, the game allows the choice between Arcade and Simulation control schemes- the former favours novice players or gamers looking for, well, a more arcade-y experience, and the latter will keep Air Combat Sim pros on their toes and allow them to hone their skills to the best they can possibly be.

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