Adventure Island Classic for NES

Adventure Island Classic for NES
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Adventure Island sees you controlling Master Higgins who runs and tosses his axes or jump in a typical platform game. Employing the weapon would lower your health gauge so watch out or you might burn up before the game’s end. Fruits in every level can shore up your health gauge yet you need to be cautious in weapons usage.

Moving from one to another of six islands you must complete 5 levels in every island. Every level would conclude with a boss fight. A defeat at the hands of the boss entails you to replay the final level in that island. So, better get it right in the first try. Victory over one boss takes you forward to another island and the same must be repeated till you meet up with the ultimate enemy at the game’s terminal point. You can choose a restore point and save in suspend state so that you can resume the game later.

The control is not just about precision but also remembering layouts. Find secret monster eggs which when opened let you control different varieties of dinosaurs each with unique abilities.

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