Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) for PlayStation 4

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) for PlayStation 4
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18 November 2014
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A career criminal who threw it all away and went into witness protection with his family; a small-time gang-banger operating under the thumb of a corrupt Armenian car salesman; a complete and utter psychopath without a shred of empathy who thought the career criminal dead; these three characters make up the leading roles of the grandest of Rockstar's crime and vice simulators to date.

Though the narratives of all series entries from Grant Theft Auto III onwards has received a greater and more dedicated focus, Grand Theft Auto V seeks to outdo all of them by not only telling a thoroughly compelling narrative dotted with high-stakes missions jam packed with exciting gameplay, but it seeks to weave it throughout the lives and circumstances of three separate, richly portrayed and stories protagonists. The end result has been met with a not insubstantial amount of high praise from critics and from fans- "best in the series" is a phrase that has quite often been chucked about in discussions of the game, both in the press and amongst forums and message boards.

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