Rush Rush Rally Racing: Coming To Dreamcast

Yes, it's true and we can hardly believe it ourselves! In a surprise announcement yesterday, independent video game developers Senile Team revealed what retro gamers everywhere have been craving; a brand new, completely original Sega Dreamcast game.

Details are currently limited, but Senile Team confirmed that Rush Rush Rally Racing will be "a completely new game", to be released commercially for the long-since-abandoned Sega Dreamcast platform. The company have stated that whilst R4 is currently a Dreamcast exclusive there is certainly always the chance of it appearing on other consoles at some stage.

There isn't yet much to go on in terms of release dates and feature confirmations, but speculation in the official Senile Team forums suggest that the game could be "in your hands before summer".

We look forward to any developments with baited breath, and with any luck hope to have a copy to play and give you our thoughts!

Published 1st January 2007 by Daniel Crocker

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